He won’t, but he should. If he had any awareness of how devastating this past week has been; maybe he would. But, he isn’t aware and that is the fault of his administration, his family and his party. They all knew he was just a Trojan Horse, they was too inept to handle the office. Even Obama knew when he said, “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to F things up.”

Yet, Biden goes on television to speak with America on the last day we were in Afghanistan and he is pissed. He knows everyone is looking at him and blaming him. So, he goes on air and blames everyone else; Trump (of course), the Afghanistan people who lost thousands of their own people, the Americans who he claims, could not get to the airport or weren’t sure they wanted to leave. So, what did he do? He left them behind. He left them to the Taliban. He even gave the Taliban a list of names of those who worked for us, the people the Taliban are calling traitors. Those people will be tortured and killed, along with their families.

13We have 13 of our own, dead. No empathy from Joe, just stories about himself and how he lost his son Beau to cancer. The parents of these 14 heroes could not listen to Biden, some families said he would not look them in the eye. Each family said he only talked about himself and his son, not their son or daughter who had just been killed. Biden and his inept administration have blood on their hands. People in our government need to pay. Not the soldiers, not the lower level people, but the higher ups, the ones at the top. It is their responsibility, the blood is on their hands. I want to see some culpability for once.

I’m angry, sad and feel helpless. I feel helpless because I know our leaders will not be held accountable for their disastrous decisions and actions. I’m angry that there is such a lack of awareness on this administration. They do not understand the loss Americans feel right now. They do not realize, they are to blame and most of America does blame them. The spin I’ve heard is pathetic. Psaki calls this a successful mission? That we airlifted more people out of a country than anyone ever has? We don’t even now if we have American/Afghani’s. they don’t know who they brought home. Most importantly, they left Americans behind. There is NO excuse for that.

Peace out.

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