Epic Failure

I have been silent a little while because I am in shock. I cannot fathom what this president has done to my country over the past few days. The breaking of the southern border was bad enough; now, he has made our country bow to the Taliban and is abandoning Americans and the Afghanistan people who helped our military. Knowing full well what is going to happen to these people; kidnapping, torture, death, beheadings, watching their families threatened and tortured until they get what they want. Biden knows all of this and he still just does not care. If he cared there would have been a PLAN to get civilians out of the country before our military, before he gave up their airport.

This administration left behind billions of dollars worth of American weapons, vehicles and Black Hawk helicopters. Biden has just armed the Taliban and Isis. What I would like to say, I wont, because I’m trying not to cuss as much. I am spitting mad though. What a slap in the face to our military and the gold star families of the veterans who have served this country.

This president did not even bother to discuss his withdrawal “plans” with the NATO or the UK (among others) who had a presence in the region. Biden has single handedly guaranteed that there will be retaliation to our country by these terrorists and that retaliation will be with our own weapons. How disgusting is that thought!?! This president has ruined the reputation, the integrity and soul of our country in the span of 4 to 5 days. There MUST be consequences for this administrations actions … all of them!

The mistakes that have been made by this president will take a very long time to correct; years, possibly decades. This country is suffering right now and the president has no clue what he has done. He is delusional and NEVER should have been forced down the peoples throats by the media and the crooked democrats and progressives. The man was never fit to be president and everyone in his circle knew it, but they did it anyway. Power and greed are ugly; the Democrat party should be ashamed. Have faith though; conservatives will do their very best to fix this mess, as always.

Peace out.


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