Simply Heartbreaking πŸ’”

The day after the humiliating, cruel pull out from Afghanistan. I hold everyone in this administration responsible. Our President doesn’t even get it. We are not upset about pulling our troops out; we are upset about HOW you went about it. The fact that you ignored your own security and military advisors. Where was the plan? How could you have done this without detailed plans for everyone involved; including our Afghani translators and their families. This is shameful and I am so sad.

I was listening to some podcast this morning and a woman made the comment that 19 year old girls have never seen the type of Sharia Law that is coming her way. Think about that; one day you are going to school, possible working and the next your life is completely different. Your 12 year old may be married off by a Taliban fighter; you are no longer able to walk outside with your face and hair covered and more than likely with a male escort, who is a family member. There is no more school or work for women and children. They have been set back 20 years in one day. This did not have to happen this way.

I am disgusted that this President blames everyone possible, Trump mainly, then states that the blame lays squarely on him. Well, I would have had more respect for the man if he had taken the blame himself FIRST and then did not try to throw someone else under the bus. This fiasco had nothing to do with Trump’s contract. Trump had worked out a deal that was contingent on certain things happening on the ground before the US would pull out. Trump had a plan. Biden just did what he wanted. Biden has done nothing but overturn Trump’s decisions, policies, etc., so don’t tell me he didn’t do the same thing here, because he did. Biden did not follow any exit plan; he just went rogue.

The danger our country is now in is also a huge concern. We had better be ready for some type of retaliation from the Taliban, because it is coming, they are spouting propaganda right now, but you can bet they are figuring out how to use the drones and other military equipment that Biden left behind for them. Combine this with the wide open borders that Biden has created; we will not know who is coming into our country and THAT is frightening.

I feel for all of the people left behind; Americans, journalists, interpreters, Afghani’s who are so fearful of the Taliban, the women and young girls. I am so grateful to all of our servicemen and women who spent any time in Afghanistan trying to make a difference. You all knew these people would never be able to sustain a country without help. You were lied to by our/your military leaders. You are all in my prayers.

Until this President admits to his grave misjudgments and stops blaming others, I will continue NOT to believe a word that man says. In my opinion Anthony Blinken, General Milley and Admiral Kirby have a lot to answer to for this disaster. This administration has wreaked havoc in only 8 months; what are we going to have to deal with next?!

Peace and prayers.


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