Biden’s Border

If you were not aware, over 1 million illegal immigrants (not just families, or unaccompanied minors from Mexico or Guatemala) have crossed into our country in the past 6 months; I would guess you watch mainstream media. The people have not been tested for Covid-19, let alone other communicable diseases, and they are not being tracked. Numerous immigrants are flown or bused into the interior of our country so they may go on their way and start their new lives in our country. Legality be damned.

The unaccompanied minors who are being held in those “cages” that AOC cried over when the border was Trump’s responsibility; are in the most inhumane conditions possible. UNLIKE the previous administration. The fake outrage was deep and yet now, where are the liberals who are worried about these children. The “cages” are overflowing with children. Facility rooms that should only hold 200 people are being packed with over 2,000 children. The children are living in conditions where lice is rampant and there are numerous reports of children being molested while in custody.

Where is the compassion for these children now? The left should be ashamed, but they are not. They USE every situation they can to their benefit. The fact that the media is blacking out on all real news that doesn’t put Biden in the right light, is astonishing. Most journalists and pundits have lost their integrity and they will probably never get it back. Where is the media? You, we, need to push or they won’t hear us from inside their bubble.

Is the purpose of unloading illegal immigrants into our interior part of the plan? I am starting to believe so. There are a lot of Covid positive immigrants showing up in Texas and even Florida. Is it just to embarrass the successful red states or is it to attempt to turn those red states blue? Here’s another question, why would our government allow all of these being to flood into our country without being tested during a pandemic? Maybe because the pandemic isn’t as bad as they keep telling you. (Happy Birthday Obama; hope your mansion part goes well.)

I could go on and on, but I won’t; however, I will say that the Biden administration should be IMPEACHED for their actions at our border. It is an impeachable offense and both Kamala and Joe are responsible for it. Trump had our borders working better than ever and all Biden had to do was to leave everything in place; but, think about that, Joe (or his think tank puppeteers) decided to blow it all up knowing what would happen.

She deserves better and so do all of the innocents that just want a better life. Biden’s way is inhumane and he does not care about any of these people.

Peace out.

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