Democrat Donor Relief Package

Well, it’s name is the Covid 19 Relief Package; however, if you called it what it is, it would be the Democrat Donor Relief Package. I was flabbergasted when I saw that less than 10% of the 1.9 TRILLION dollar package would be going to actual Covid relief; the other 90% is going to the Kennedy Center, tunnels, bridges, high speed rail, schools (who have not even used the first “package” received through the last stimulus), wage increase, blue state governors who shut down their states for Covid and allowed their cities to be looted and burned this summer. Thanks ANTIFA, BLM and liberal Democrats.

I checked the usual msm sites for their “lists” on the stimulus package and oddly enough, they don’t mention any of the above. How long are you people going to swallow their swill? You buy everything they say without doing your own research. “If CNN and MSNBC and CBS all say it’s true, well, it must be”. By you, I’m referring to all of you who STILL believe that Trump called the white supremacists “good people”, and our fallen servicemen and women “losers”, oh and that darn Russia thing. Wake up! Their is video evidence that shows the first one is completely false; yet, Biden still says it and you probably do to.

For those of you who do your homework and see this stimulus for what it is, keep fighting, keep telling your representatives that we will not pay this liberal goody bag of $1.9 trillion! We have been taken advantage of for years. Give the people and the businesses the relief they deserve and shove the remaining 90% of your liberal wish list!

That’s it for today. I call ’em like I see ’em.

Peace out.

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