Farewell Old Friend

I was not going to say anything about the passing of Rush Limbaugh, conservative media giant; however, after seeing how the main stream media is portraying him (and stomping on his good name, reputation and memory), I felt I needed to.

I was introduced to Rush’s radio program by my father, who was an avid listener and a fan up until he passed away. I used in 1999. I would call him on my lunch hour from my car, and we would talk about the issues that were discussed on that day’s program. Besides bringing my father and I closer; it helped me form my stances on specific issues that were of concern to me. Rush provided his audience with facts. Each and every day he would entertain, enlighten and discuss varying points of view. He always did it in a lively manner and considered himself an entertainer first. He never talked down to his audience and he showed respect and received it in return.

Seeing the New York Times “remember” Rush Limbaugh as a “legacy of venom”, and then go on to list everything he had done that offended them, most thing that he had previously apologized for. That is how they want YOU to remember him. Out of his 30,000 plus hours on the airwaves, the mainstream media all seem to find ugly moments to remember.

Another little example of the left’s hate for Rush, on Twitter, “rot in hell” was trending the day of his death.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is a true moron, ran a piece on Rush, characterizes him by listing him as a racist, misogynist, xenophobe. He ends his video saying “His legacy will always symbolize division”. That is the truth for the left, they only know what they were told by msm.

The man was not perfect, he was by no means without sin. The man had many regrets, many actions and comments that he apologized for. Never accepted by the left as usual, but that never bothered him. Bottom line, this man brought conservatism to the masses. He was feared by the media because he would not cow down to them, he would not back down. He had humor in everything he did and there are millions of “ditto heads” out there who will miss that man, or like Rush would say, “I’m your host, a harmless, lovable little fuzz-ball.”

Rest in peace Rush, say hi to my dad for me!

2 thoughts on “Farewell Old Friend

  1. I agree with you, he is getting maligned by the left. And the sad thing is, I bet none of them have ever listened to him. I know my friends have not. They think he is a misogynist from what they hear in the news. I started listening to him in 2004 and have tried not to miss a day since. He was my voice for how I was feeling. Glad you posted this.

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