Laying Out a Defense – Update

Watching Trump’s legal team lay out the defense against impeachment was masterful! The video of hypocrisy should be played on every media outlet on a 24 hour loop. Maybe, just maybe, the left would admit that this is their “mo” and it has been on full display for over 5 years. You know as well as I do, that the left will ever admit what they have done and contributed to during this administration and after. Once I am able to get a clip of the video’s used by the defense, I will attach them here for you to watch. UPDATE:

It has been hilarious watching the “commentary” from the mainstream media; I am unable to watch the trial itself (at the risk brain cell death). The media believes that this is a representation of how trials are actually conducted. The House Managers have used “reported”, hearsay, media reports as their “evidence”. Something that would NEVER be allowed in an actual court of law.

This is a show to them. Who could put on the better performance? Well, the left will because they edit speeches, videos and the like to twist the story to fit their narrative (as always). Another tactic not allowed in a regular court of law.

If you took an honest poll (I don’t believe their is such a thing) of how many people want or believe this impeachment should continue, I believe you would find that most don’t care. This is just another tactic that the left has taken against Trump. The man they hate. We were sick of this shit after the first impeachment. I hope 2022 reverberates through the Capital with a beautiful red wave.

Biden, I have some advice for you. Personally, I would like to see our leaders focusing on the people of the United States. Opening back up this country and letting people get back to work. So many lost businesses due to irresponsible State leadership is inexcusable! I would also like to see Biden stop wasting the gift of the Covid vaccine that Trump wrapped up with a bow for him. Admit it Biden, you have no plan for Covid disbursement like you said you did. You just blame Trump because he didn’t do it for you. Get that pipeline going again before you completely ruin these United States of America.

Peace out everyone; make it a great day!

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