A Simple Walk

Was having the crazies this morning having nursed a headache in my left eye for over three days. It doesn’t stay all day, it hits me for a few hours then relaxes, then roars back and round and round she goes. This morning when I got up, my left eye was not hurting, so after a good cup of coffee I headed out.

I had to sneak out my bedroom door or our sweet girl Maddie would have been ticked off! I can’t walk her anymore because I have ended up face down in the horse trails more times than I would like to admit. So off I went, with my water in hand and earplugs in. Playlist, “cool stuff”, yes it’s stupid but it is what I choose when I’m not sure which genre I feel like listening to. So my playlist starts off with Heart’s “Magic Man”, got in some amazing R&B music (can’t help singing along), some new age stuff, head banging tunes and of course some dance music (great for keeping a faster pace).

Walking the streets around here is really soothing and always interesting. You can find me with my Dodger hat on, singing along (yes, out loud) to my music, and once in a while I veer off track to talk to a horse, or donkey, maybe even a rooster or hen. I found this interesting sign posted at the opening of one of the horse trails around here, that read “CAUTION Riding in River bottom can be hazardous. Stay on the trails. Exercise caution if crossing the river. Do not rid alone. Watch for quicksand. Ride at your own risk.” That sign made me really want to walk that path just to see if I could find quicksand! BUT, I think I will wait until I have someone to go with me just in case I find it.

Whatever you do, get outside today, even if you live in the colder climates. It’s a shame to be stuck indoors.

Peace out.

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