Stop, Look, Listen

There certainly has been a lot of evidence provided during this past week. Unless your a liberal democrat, fact-checker or simply a moron who prefers to believe whatever they are told.

Seriously, did you listen or watch some of the hearings this week? The video footage alone was ridiculously damning. Of course, fact checkers are telling you that the Secretary of the State of Georgia said this is not true. Hmmm, believe your eyes, comments from whistleblowers who have sworn under oath that their statements are factual; or believe the liberal Secretary of State (who lied that he was at this polling location the entire day although no one saw him, and he does not appear on any of the video that the facility automatically runs for security purposes)? Well, if your a democrat, you believe other democrats or anyone who hates Trump. Afterall, that is all they seem to care about.

For those of us who love our country and believe in the Constitution, we dig deeper. We see this evidence, hear the testimonies and want to know more. How could this have happened? Who would profit from this type of corruption? Follow the leads and stop listening to those who protest too much.

I know that Republicans, conservatives and those who are patriots are pretty sick and tired of the hypocrisy of the left. If I listed all of the hypocrisy that we know about, my little post would go on for pages. Although, if you started with Bill Clinton, that is when the true greed and corruption took hold of the Democratic party. Ever since Bill and Hillary stepped foot into our White House, they have turned their party into greedy, power hungry, stop at nothing criminals. I must say though, Hillary and Obama proudly turned that same greedy party into evil elitists. The hate is still there. The tactics have become more despicable and this election is showing how far they have fallen.

IF, nothing comes out of the hearings we are all witnessing, then what do we do? Start a civil war (I hope not), or get back on our knees and allow them to degrade us further? Never. IF nothing comes out of these hearings, sadly our Republic is on the verge of disintegrating. That is not an exaggeration and should not be taken as such. We would need to regroup and combat this through any means possible. I don’t know about you, but saving my country IS a hill I’m willing to die on.

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