Biden IS illegitimate …

Wake up and check out live feed and boy do you get a dose of reality. We all knew they cheated; seriously, it was the only way Biden could win. It’s why Clinton told Biden not to concede “under any circumstances”, the fix was in and she knew it. The ballot counters that “stopped” counting (on record at least) around 11 pm with Trump holding a very strong lead and the world awoke to an unprecedented lead by Biden with barely anyone for Trump. I mean I guess it could happen, in another universe maybe; but it not statistically possible in any combination. It did not happen here.

Now what to do? Democrats are calling Joe Biden President-elect, have put up Office of the President-elect wallpaper as a backdrop for whenever he speaks. It is not true. They can say it all they want; but the American people call this election, not the media or one of the candidates. Democrats want us to “stop being babies, stop crying, stop whining, you lost” … is that not rich!?!?!? The party that did exactly that from the day Trump won to the day of the 2020 election.

I wouldn’t have cared if Biden had won legitimately; however, if we allow our election to be corrupted than we lose our integrity as a country from here on out.

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