The Closed Door

 Shut the door

Locked it tight

Kept at bay

All that will ignite

The flame inside

Barely a flicker in sight

There is no silence

Behind the door

For the voices of my thoughts

Are loud yet worn

Too many voices yell at me

Telling me what is should or shouldn’t be

Is there wisdom behind these voices?

Or are they just critics of choice

My desire is to lock them out

Allow me to discover what I am about

Too much to ask at this date

However; it is dangerous to hesitate

Knock all you want

I will not answer your call

Leave me be

Until I decide to stand or fall

The Closed Door is about depression. A glimpse into the feelings that one may have when they close that door behind them and keep you out. It’s scary, sad, lonely and it is difficult to re-open the door. Be patient and loving if someone you knows closes that door; but never let them go. Keep knocking. Suzy

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