Putin + Biden BFF’s Forever 💕

Let’s be honest shall we; Biden is courting Putin in full view of America and the media is ignoring it. What happened to the media’s concern over Russian operatives? Even after being proved wrong with Trump and regurgitating stories of fake Russian ties with the WH for three years; it seems as though the media is afraid to call out ACTUAL bad actors in our current WH. Russia and the Biden/Harris White House certainly are friendly, it would be interesting for our media to investigate this, but, alas, journalists no longer exist. Maybe if they would take a break from sharing Medovik with Putin’s propogandists, our journalists might consider investigating this trouble ridden WH.

There are a number of other stories that your missing if you rely on main stream media (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC), there are a number of issues with Hunter Biden, the son of our President. He has been being investigated since 2018; however, John Kerry has been ensuring this information does not leak to our biased media who are also covering up his actions.

Our current President is not well. He should not be being used as he is; it’s cruel and I blame his wife first and foremost. Biden is cognitively impaired, if not outright, he is going through age related dementia. The left hounded Trump to take a cognitive test; he did and passed 100%. Now we have a President who is obviously going through something that makes him unfit to run this country and the left and our media are silent. They prop the man up, cover up for him, explain away his missteps and gaffes. It is truly disgusting.

Lastly, white supremacy is NOT the greatest threat to the US and our democracy. Guess what, Democrats are the ones behind Jim Crow laws, they were on the wrong side of the Civil War, Lincoln was a Republican and right now Progressives, BLM and ANTIFA are the greatest threat to our democracy. You may want to open those eyes, use a little Clear Eyes and turn off your TV or YouTube.

Here is a great article by Patricia Suzanne; I could not have said it better myself.

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