About Me

About me, at least for a minute or two. I was going to wrote about myself in detail, but after losing the information three times in one hour, I wasn’t about to write it all over again. Honestly, I’m boring as hell!

So, this is going to be a place for me to hang out, share and hopefully engage with people. Something I don’t get to do very often anymore. See people, talk to them and just share thoughts and ideas.

I am in a state a kind of homeward bound “Groundhog’s Day”. In other words, I’m home, most of the time, every single day, nothing seems to change. This is due to a couple of things; I am unable to work due to the physical constraints of lupus SLE, peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy, as well as other ailments associated with autoimmune disease, and I have chronic daily headaches. Told you I was boring.

A couple times a week I do feel well enough to run a couple of errands. Sometimes if I am really lucky a family dinner, or even dinner out with my hubby (prior to this Covid crap). It’s all a game of hit or miss. If I do go outside and pull a couple of weeds or run a couple of errands, I am risking being down for the remainder of the day. My headaches are not on a regular basis, I have not pinpointed triggers other then stress at this point and they show up at different times every single day.

That’s why I guess I needed my own place. A place to share my thoughts and feelings. A place where I can start and stop whenever I am able to. Sitting down for an hour is not something I can do easily, so coming and going is the only hope I have here.

I would love it if you would visit, leave comments, even argue with me. I need the stimulation and social media just makes me ill. Please hang out, and come back again. I would love the company!