How Small We Are

Thinking about your significance in “your” world can be daunting; however, thinking about it in the grand scheme of things, is mind blowing. Learning to let go of things you can not control may be the best thing you can do for yourself. The universe is infinite and we are barely specks here. Not to say that “our” world’s are not important, they are; however, the things we worry over may be draining us for no good reason.

Think about it. You watch your local news and see that an area that you visit every so often is becoming riddled with crime. Well, that is something to take note of. You can avoid the area knowing that it may not be safe right now. When you watch US news you may see things that are even more dramatic and frightening when it comes to crime, climate or politics. It’s a much larger scale and although it is important to know, a lot of it shouldn’t really concern you.

Now, I’m not saying don’t have a healthy interest in topics on a larger scale; what I am saying is that the fear and alarm that is being reported to you on a continuous loop is not healthy for you or those who love you. Our world is not going to end in 12 years because climate fear mongers say it is. Going out and buying a gun because you see violence in the cities, is not a good idea either. You can only do so much. Unless you feel your purpose is politics, activism or the law; do things on a smaller scale. You will still make impressions close to home and you will feel more peaceful.

Focus on what you can control that is good for your soul and the hearts of others. Donate your time at the local animal shelter, help that neighbor who is always struggling to maneuver their lawnmower or just be kind when you bump into someone at a store. These are the things that matter and these are things that truly affect your world.

I see out of control activism non-stop on the news these days so I had to simply turn it off. The truth is, most of those “kids” don’t even know what they are fighting for. They don’t have a clue what life is about and that their actions (although well meaning) are out of place and even harmful in the grand scheme of things. Instead of widening the divide, people should be banding together to stop the out of control lawlessness and return people to respecting all people. There are better ways to work together and create a better life. You are not always right (that goes for me too).

The one thing I do know is that my parents taught me right from wrong. They taught me to respect my elders, respect authority and respect the rule of law. Seems pretty simple to me. When I look up in the sky at night and see all the stars, planets, clouds, the moon … I see how small I am. I know that I am big in my world and I’m important and loved there. This world, is enormous. We need to realize that God, or Spirit or just “the Universe” does not want the mess it sees. It has a lot on it’s very large plate and we all have our own jobs to do.

This world can scare me too and I try very hard to bring myself back to “my smaller world” and what is important for my learning while I’m here. I try to keep in the front of my mind that everything is supposed to revolve around love. God has unconditional love for me and that is what He wants us to all have for each other. I truly believe that.


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