It is fleeting in some instances and annoyingly drags in others. Whether it is time with a loved one or spending time on your favorite hobby, it can be shocking how quickly it drifts away from us. We don’t even see it leaving although we know it is. Realizing how painful it is when its gone isn’t usually recognized until your children are grown, or our parents have passed. Then we want it back, we want it back so badly it hurts.

Even time at work, although this is an example of how time can annoyingly drag, there are times when we want to take back moments. Time to hold back on expressing an unwanted opinion, or unkind words said to people who didn’t deserve it. Those flashes of time would be welcomed back if only to correct a wrong. It certainly would not be so we could spend more time at a desk. I must say, though, there are people who love what they do and reliving it might be just as important as time with a friend.

We don’t understand the importance of time until it feels as though we have already lost so much of it. It’s kind of cruel how that happens; but, that is how most experience it. The more profound the loss, the more we are able to learn.

We may come to the realization that we need to talk to people more or even get out and socialize more. We may decide we want to devote more time to our hobbies, or just spend more time outside of the house altogether. Another thing that people tend to do more of, is traveling. Don’t waste time waiting for the “perfect time” to go to that far off place you have dreamed about. Even taking a trip across the country to visit family you haven’t seen for a while.

Time is also unforgiving with our bodies. If you didn’t take care of it out of the gate, getting it to where it needs to be can be a lot of work. Once time passes and your over that 50 mark, you start feeling it. Even though you are arriving late to the party (so to speak), you should think about how to improve your health now because it is that important.

I have been guilty of pining away; thinking about how different it would be if I wasn’t always in pain, or unable to do certain physical things like I used to. I would think about how much I miss hiking, running, even sitting out in my yard gardening all day without a care in the world. I didn’t do it enough. I never indulged myself with my favorite things. Now, I can’t do most of them. My takeaway is that I refuse to think about the past, it’s gone and there is nothing I can do about that now.

None of us knows when our time on earth will come to a close; however, we should understand that we need to enjoy ourselves more. Spread love throughout your day because it feels good and everyone needs more of it. When our souls leave this place, let them leave a positive light behind. Always remember, your time is valuable.

Blessing to you!


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