A Quickie Today

Wanted to leave a quick message today, so here goes…

No matter what is going on in my life, I feel grateful and I want to share that feeling of love and gratitude with everyone I come in contact with.

I thought I had lost the love I had for other people and became jaded by life. Then it hit me; I try and try to find that little girl who loved everyone and everything, because she saw their spirit and their light. She has been peaking out at me a lot lately. She has been showing me, reminding me what it was like before life beat me up and left me bruised and lonely.

I feel as though we found each other again and this time she is going to stay and help me remember what is important and how we used to view life and all it’s blessings. I am feeling as though there is a healing of my soul going on within. This is such a good feeling.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to connect with the best parts of you that are hiding way deep down inside and see how it makes you feel.

Peace out.


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