Getting Out, In a Good Way

Time is short and spending it in best way for our health and happiness is essential. As someone who is almost 60, it has become extremely important to me personally. My world has been rather small for the past 10 years or so due to illness and that is something I am well aware of. Putting myself out there is frightening to say the least.

Many of my friends have moved out of state. A few have passed away. There are a couple still in my life, we just don’t see each other as often as I would like. My husband and I still get out for dinner or for live music events, but the social interaction with others has been lacking.

Putting myself in social situations is hard for me; however, I am trying. A few neighbors had decided to have a monthly birthday club, something I would never have done in the past. Now, I have been to four lunches with some of the ladies in the neighborhood. Turns out, I am learning more about each of them and enjoying the few hours a month we spend together. I forgot how important and fun socializing is.

Today was a good example of how important getting out really is. I came so close to canceling this morning and last month as well; however, I ended up going and talking to different people than I had at the previous lunch. It seemed that we all connected in a genuine way. I’m looking forward to the next event and hope I am able to squelch the voices in my head that say “stay home, you know you don’t feel well.” Now, I’m home, I’m satisfied and yes, I am exhausted from going to lunch, but it was really worth it.

Socializing is so important to aging in a healthy way. I’m trying to stay as active as I can. My doctor said to stop exercising so a new issue can be corrected; but I have stuck with yoga and I really look forward to it. Trying to eat healthier is still a challenge for me due to a serious addiction to sugar (think cakes, cookies, etc.). Loving healthy food, we do eat a good diet, it is just the need for processed treats that is challenging as hell for me!

All in all, I am trying to make positive changes. Everything we (my husband and I) read says that to age in a healthy way you need to have a healthy diet, exercise and a positive social life. My husband is good at all three activities and he has been inspiring to me personally.

Basically, we all need to get out there for your own good. If you are like me and have a small world that keeps you from being social, do whatever you can to try and connect with people around you. I know how difficult it can be; however, it can also be the single most important thing you do for yourself.

Be good to yourself, you are very important.


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