I Am Woman … No, Really.

I had a small epiphany this morning. I was very annoyed about the Hershey’s Chocolate Women’s History month stunt. If you weren’t aware, Hershey put the picture of a transwoman on their milk chocolate bars for the month of March in honor of Women’s History month. Now, I have nothing against anyone who is living their lives and not hurting anyone else in the process; however, this does hurt women.

I decided not to post about it on Facebook because I was concerned that I might upset someone and so I dropped it. Then I listened to Hotep Jesus and his thoughts on this latest controversy. Hotep commented that he was shocked that women are allowing this to happen, and honestly so am I. In my mind, it first became an issue in women’s sports. Men, “identifying” as women and competing against biological women. It was absurd to me. Men were now being allowed to receive scholarships, awards, etc. which in turn took them away from women who have trained for years to excel in their chosen sports. Very few people were saying anything and it is wrong.

People have become so concerned about inclusivity and diversity that they are shaming the rest of us into accepting their craziness. Women are the only human beings able to give birth and you had better not ever call me a birthing person. I am proud to be a woman. I am equally proud to have been given the gift of reproduction, it is amazing and humbling at the very least. Just because you say that transwomen can give birth or nurse a child, does not make it true.

This world has gone crazy and most of us see that. My hope is that people will get tired of this topsy turvy world where science does not matter and facts are malleable. While we are at it, there are two genders; male and female. It’s sad that we are losing our moral compass, our sanity and equality due to the mind bending diversity, inclusivity and equity standards that are being shoved down our collective throats in the name of acceptance. Some things are black and white.

I am hopeful that one day very soon, our workforces, schools and universities get back to merit based standards rather than meeting diversity quotas. As Americans, we should want the person who is best suited for the job, or the student who excelled at the curriculum to be honored as appropriate. I don’t want a doctor that met the diversity quota, I want the one who graduated with honors. Equity is not the same as equality. Equality is supposed to offer each of us the same opportunities and treatment not withstanding your socioeconomic situation. Equity puts everyone at the same level so that no one will be considered better or worse than the other. Bringing the bar down so others don’t feel “less than” should not be the goal of any society.

Hopping off my soap box now; however, I will say one last thing, I am proud to be a woman and am proud of the women in my life, past and present, who influenced me over my 59 years. Don’t let anyone call you birthing person, you are a strong woman, act like it.


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