Learning a New Skill

It’s only been a few weeks since I re-started a yoga routine; however, it has become a habit that I love and look forward to every morning. I have noticed that, thanks to practicing Hatha Yoga, I have learned a new skill. First, I have to thank my daughter for helping me make adjustments that allow me to practice specific poses using modifications when I have had difficulty. That information has helped me to progress without harming myself and getting frustrated and giving up.

I have already noticed that I am progressing through certain poses; like boat pose and bow pose. I hated boat pose at first and it is probably one of my favorites now although I still hate bow pose. In my head I hear my husband, “hate is such a strong word”; but, no, not this time. Although my progression is probably slower than most, it is making me feel so good about myself. Physical limitations take a toll on a person’s mind. You feel as though your less than, that you are not normal, it ages you. So being proud of myself doing something physical is a big deal for me.

The “new skill” that I have learned is how to relax specific muscles much easier and quicker than ever before. Prior to this, my shoulders would ache and my head would start hurting and I wouldn’t connect the dots until I was really in pain. Now, I feel it and notice it right away. Then after a few breaths and simple movements, the muscles are released, the tension leaves my neck and shoulders and it feels like such an accomplishment, all due to yoga.

How is it that I am almost 60 years old and I am learning something so basic?! I shocked myself at this realization. It makes me think of Instagram and the things that I have learned on that medium; people showing us how we have used plastic bags wrong for years, or the correct way to use foil. Silly things. Although, what I have learned is not silly, it does feels crazy to me. With all the physical issues I have, this is an important discovery.

Just goes to show you; you are never too old to learn something new.


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