My Furry Best Friend

No, I’m not talking about my friend who refuses to shave her legs in winter, or the one who has grown his hair long to prove he can. No, I’m referring to my girl, my little buddy and companion. When you have medical “issues” that keep you from working and driving long distances; you become very close to those who are with you constantly. In my case it happens to be a sweet, loving 5 year old lab that we call Maddie.

She has had a really rough 2022 and is ending it on a painful note. Earlier this year she fractured her outer toe on her right, back paw. Our vet wanted to see if it would heal on its own so her toe was taped up and she was put on “couch potato” duty for about 8 weeks. New x-rays were taken and guess what? It did not heal and had to be amputated. Her couch potato status added a number of pounds and lots of time spent stuck inside. This little girl had gone through way too much; however, her crazy play and active time created a new problem, one that just could not wait.

In 2021 her ACL on the right side, had a small tear. We added joint supplements and tried to adjust her play time to be kinder to her joints. My girl was having none of it. She does not know how to play casually. She rips around the backyard like a race horse, she jumps walls and acts like a little maniac. One day a few weeks back she woke up and would not put any pressure on her back right leg, hopping on her three legs and showing zero interest in her favorite toy, the tennis ball.

Long story short (too late, right?), Maddie tore her ACL to a point where putting a metal plate in her knee was not a suggestion, but a necessity. Yesterday was surgery day and my anxiety and fear was through the roof. It was so hard on all of us. My husband and I picked her up from the vet last night and we were just beside ourselves, fawning all over her. My girl is going to be tied to me for the next 10 to 12 weeks and I need to make sure I give her the best care possible. It is a lot of pressure; but, it is what you sign up for when you have a pet. They really aren’t a pet, they are family and most people feel this way. Thank heavens.

The holidays may be spent closer to home and date nights will be on hold for a bit; but my little blonde girl is going to be lavished with attention and that is how it should be. As I’m typing, the little face of my furry best friend is looking up at me and I believe she knows her mom adores her, and will protect her for the rest of her years.

Peace and love to you, your loved ones and your furry best friends.


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