Keeping Myself Busy

I spend a lot of time just thinking. Sitting outside or inside; with my dog or by myself and I just think. I do like to review the past week in my personal little life, which is pretty boring or the issues of society, the current atmosphere surrounding our government and its ever encroaching laws and how I can help myself get strong, physically and mentally, even just a little would help. Chronic disease affects everything I do. I have to bow out of so many invitations because Lupus, PN and migraines have a schedule all their own. So, my point is, I spend a lot of time with my thoughts.

There are some great story ideas that I keep in a folder, with an outline of characters, flow of the story, etc. Problem is, I don’t want to spend the time elaborating on anything. So those ideas just sit in a small notebook, tucked in a folder collecting dust. Truth be told, this is mainly because I like coming up with the ideas, but don’t have the skills to bring the stories along in an exciting journey on paper for the reader. This is why I just spout off on here. My attention span doesn’t support much else these days.

Do you know what pareidolia means? It is our tendency to see faces, things or images in random objects, like cloud formations. I love finding these all around me; in the design of my tile floor, my dining table, and especially clouds. Most people probably only occupy themselves with this on long car rides looking out their windows, or while stranded at the DMV and staring at the parquet flooring. For some reason, I find this fun and can entertain myself with the images for longer than most.

The other day I was in the backyard and looking at the sky as a flock of birds flew overhead and I saw a small plane out of the corer of my eye. Now, there is an airport fairly close to me and I do get flyovers often enough that it isn’t a big deal. This plane got me thinking though; it seemed to be flying so slowly that I wondered if it was real. Now, give me a second before you call me a loon. What if we were truly in a bubble, being controlled and watched by other forces? Had you ever thought of that? Probably not, but it would be a fun story. Our universe existing in a type of snow globe for the research and entertainment of more developed beings. It would have to include our solar system so that we would be able to continue our space exploration. I told you my mind is always working overtime. It is an interesting thought and would be a fun short story; but, not up to it so it goes into my notorious (only to me) notebook.

All right, back to reality. I learned that I am experiencing a Lupus flare right now and that my neuropathy has increased; so, more meds for me. More rest for me. More crazy thoughts for me and you. Ha! Life is wonderful. Get outside today, if you can, and see if you see anything thought provoking in your piece of the sky.

Peace out.


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