The Value of Human Life

James Lambert, 73 year old man out walking at about 2:00 am. He was beaten and left for dead by a group of seven individuals, children, from the ages of 14 to 17, four boys and three girls. Let that sink in. How does that make you feel? Hopeless? Angry? Two of the seven individuals have turned themselves in. I am hoping the parents of the other five take their children to the police station themselves. I won’t hold my breath though. Any parent that allows their children to be wandering the streets all night must be suffering from something, or they just don’t care. Either way this is a sad situation that should never have happened.

We have seen this happening over the past decade. The value of a life has become near zero. People are getting away with crimes left and right and they are not being prosecuted or held to any moral standard. The system is no longer valuing human life. The system no longer fights for justice for the actual victims of crime. The system is blindly releasing criminals back into the neighborhoods they torment, allowing them to commit the same offenses over and over again. How do you explain Chicago? You can’t, no one can. The cities in this country need to be cleaned up and held to higher standards. The citizens deserve nothing less.

I was talking about the Roe decision with someone the other day, who is an animal rights supporter, as I am as well. I asked how they could support abortion, the killing of a child and yet be emotional over the mistreatment of an animal. How is a human being less important just because it hasn’t been born? The baby feels pain, this has been shown to be factual; it is breathing, it is growing and it is feeding from it’s mother. The fact is, this fetus is a child and some people have no problem killing it. That’s where we are. Now I’m not talking about rape, incest or ectopic pregnancies, those are a different issues and most Americans agree that there are cases where an abortion is appropriate and warranted. If you wouldn’t step on a snail or kill a spider, but you have no problem aborting a child; how do you reconcile that? Protestors in the streets chanting we “love to murder babies” and “we are proud of our abortions”, really, that’s where we are? What happened to rare, safe and legal?

The violence in this country that is so easily tolerated by those in charge is sad and disgusting. The tragedy of George Floyd was turned into a free for all. People were killed and the powers that be did nothing. They allowed the burning of buildings and police cars, beatings of people in the streets, looting in the name of reparations. It was tolerated by everyone in charge and even held up as the “Black Lives Matter” movement’s right. Now look where we are. People walk into stores and walk out with bags of goods, even smash and grab robberies, all committed in broad daylight. Yet, nothing happens to these people and the media is playing it down, again, as if it is their right to commit these crimes. Our children are watching, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as to what is happening to our society.

What I want to know is when will people wake up, stop pandering to every woke idea, woke group, etc. and put things right again? Morality needs to be returned to our homes and our schools. Parents and teachers need to work together to educate our children; not in CRT or LGBTQ, but teach them math, history, English, and show them each one of them has unlimited potential and VALUE. This needs to happen if we are going to get our cities and neighborhoods back.

Human life is the most valuable gift we have been given and we do not have the right to harm anyone. The only way we can make things right is to teach our children and ensure the voices they are hearing are positive ones. The images they see should be positive. Turn off the news. Don’t allow them unlimited “screen” time. Be involved in what they learn and how they see the world. The world should be an amazing place with so many different opportunities and different people we can interact with, learn from and love. Embrace our differences but sow the seeds of love and acceptance. There is no need for any of the “woke” ideologies out there; we know how to return to a life of value. We have the power.

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