Tired Of It!

It seems that right now, the loudest voices are trying their best to divide us and embarrass us for being patriotic. You heard that right; they are saying that being parotitic is a right wing, white national dog whistle. It is insane and untrue. Patriotism is one thing that we all can feel and express; every race and religion can share in their pride to be a part of the United States of America. Ask a servicemember how they feel and why the flag is important to them. This craziness is the next “thing” that is being done to try and divide us with. For some reason, the the people currently in power prefer identity politics/tribalism to individuality. Black people are expected to vote a certain way, white people are expected to vote another. Wealthy people stand for x, while entrepreneurs stand for y.

Stop listening to the loudest voices on television and social media. Our own President is trying to shame us and scold us into towing his line. They want to bring us down. We are all different in our own ways and similar in so many more. We are connected through religion, family and even our children. We truly are a melting pot in the US and that is an amazing part of our country. We are blessed to have been born here and others have made the decision to bring their families here because it is a wonderful place to be. We should be proud! So I say screw those voices and be yourself, be proud of this great country.

A lot of the people disparaging the US are doing so because they are upset that issues with the Supreme Court did not go their way. Yelling, screaming, acting out; that is what children do, and that is what we have come to expect out of the left these past years. Always threats of violence, or loss of business, or your job or your friends. Not everyone agrees with them and those people need to reign in their crazy. If these “children” would read and understand the constitution and the cases that have been overturned, they would see that the rights belong to them not nine justices. Half of this country needs to rethink how they handle loss. The first instinct should not be to change the rules, cheat or burn it all down.

We need real leadership in the White House. We need a strong person, a moderate, someone who listens to the people and does what is best for this country. Left, right or center, it only matters that they care about this country and it’s people.

We, as citizens, need to be stronger by standing up for what we believe in, and uniting among each other. The current temperature of hate in this country needs to stop. The violence needs to stop. The police and DA’s need to put destructive people behind bars instead of giving them ALL a slap on the wrists. We are living with the consequences of those policies right now. There is no need to push pronouns that have been made up or shame children for the color of their skin. You don’t need to call men birthing people if they ask you to; but, you do need to be respectful. We are Americans, every last one of us. Let’s preserve this great country for our kids, that should be our priority right now.

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