The politics in this country have created some very evil people. Everyday, ordinary people, who used to be rational and reasonable are now disengaged from family and friends who disagree with them. I am talking about both parties. We need someone to rise up and bring everyone together. However, since politics has become so hateful, I just don’t know how we achieve that. We need another (non politician) to come in and get us out of this mess Biden has created. Someone like Trump who can utilize his policies and get us back to where we were before Biden came into office. However, I don’t think Trump should be the one. His policies were great for the US and no one can dispute that. It is because of the (irrational) hatred from the left that I don’t believe they would allow him to do his job. They proved that from 2016 through 2020, his entire first term was filled with dirty tricks against him. Even trying to impeach him over nothing. It was ridiculous and shameful. Greed is one of the most evil things in our world. The Clintons used to hold the title of greediest administration with their speaking fees, their stealing form the Haitian’s after a disaster and their “foundation” was rife with pay to play scandal. Now, this administration has taken that title away. Pushing the Green New Deal, isn’t about climate change, it’s about making certain CEO’s and shareholders richer. It is not sustainable at this juncture to cut off fossil fuels in the manner they are doing. These people don’t think before they act. Our media is covering for Hunter Biden and his pay to play schemes over many years, using his Dad as leverage with Ukraine, Russia and China. Greed has taken over our government and we need to clean house. Even House and Senate leftists’ are getting rich off the policies of Biden. Do you honestly think that Fauci was pushing vaccines for the benefit of the people? NO, follow the trail of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies. It’s painful to see our country being treated in this way. Supreme Court justices have people harassing them at their homes. It is outrageous, but it is also a Federal Crime. Where is AG Merrick Garland? Why is it the rule of law only applies to someone if a crime is being perpetrated against a Leftist Democrat? Garland needs to be impeached immediately. I want to know why the House is wasting our money on this January 6th hearing while they have done zero on Hunter Biden, the economy, the purposeful killing of our energy independence and blaming the gas prices on Putin, the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, the baby formula and female hygiene product shortages, the border which is completely our of control. These people should forfeit their salaries and pay back the American people for this obvious political stunt and get hearings going on all the huge issues by this administration. I really hope 2022 will be a huge red wave, because that is our only hope at this point. Two more years of Biden will put the US so far back it will take more than one term of conservative leadership to fix their mess. I’m just so dismayed at what has been done to this country in two years. As always, I’m disgusted that the media helped put this man in office and are still covering for his mistakes, no matter how minor or major those mistakes are. The feeling with this administration is that this is purposeful and that should frighten everyone. We need law and order back in this country, we need respect for authority back and let’s put this woke culture crap out for good.

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