It’s Been a Hot Minute

It sure has been a while since I posted here; I actually realized March 5th was the date of my last visit to SuzHouse and I have really been pushing myself to come back. I have not had anything of value to share and have been trying to reach out and physically visit people who are important to me. I am also keeping busy and dealing with the usual health issues; neuropathy has been very active, I have reinjured my knee, and my plantar fasciitis has returned as well, it is an absolute joke. We did go to Florida earlier this month to attend my niece’s wedding and that has proven to be the biggest and happiest thing in my life for the first half of this year.

After having gone through our mother’s memorial, my sisters and I decided we would all make it a point to attend our niece’s wedding in Florida. It was time for all of us, and our spouses, to go celebrate a happy occasion together. No politics, no pressure, no sadness, just enjoying ourselves. It is difficult to keep connected (in person) with my siblings as two of them live out of state and one lives a few hours from me. Also, since Covid and my mother’s passing, I have not been doing much driving. My reflexes have proven to be an issue when driving on the freeway or longer distances, which in turn makes my anxiety go through the roof. It’s a bit of a mess.

Anyway, the wedding turned out perfect! My niece did an amazing job with each and every detail. You could see her hand in every part of the wedding; the venue, the reception et. al. We all had so much fun. My oldest sister and my husband actually got up and danced; it was pure bliss. I can’t thank my niece enough for allowing us all to celebrate with her and her husband. This occasion has made me feel so much better. I am realizing that we are so small in the grand scheme of things and that we need to take our joy whenever possible. To realize that life goes on and that is okay.

Since I have been back, I am keenly aware of how much my life has changed; some good things, some bad, but it is different. It’s also moving much faster than I would like. I need to jump in and not let it get away from me again. I need to get on top of depression when it creeps up; now granted, sometimes it is difficult to realize your are in the middle of it but once you do, you have to fight it. As far as the physical pain, sometimes you have to give in to it and sometimes you should push yourself through it. I need to trust myself that I know what’s best for me and just take charge.

There you go. This is my pep talk to me and to anyone out there who needed to hear it. We’ve got this.

Be good to yourself.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Hot Minute

  1. Hey Sooz, glad to see that you had a wonderful time @ your niece’s wedding with family and all in attendance, that rocks. Family is always good!
    I can relate to the physical pain end of things, and also lament my not being able to do many things I used to be able to do, such as riding/racing motorcycles and feeling like Mr. Invincible in the process, or doing major work on a classic car and making it perfect again, to name a few. My lower back prevents me from doing anything strenuous, and one surgery already plus a lot of useless therapy has kept the pain monsters at bay for the most part. I just grit my teeth, put on my happy face and press onward.
    I get it. This getting old crap is not for sissies!
    Say hey to Bill, and hope you & all are doing well.
    ——-Mark Miller


    1. I’m so glad to hear from you. I know things have been tough for you and you are SO right … getting old is not for the faint of heart. ❤️


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