Slice of Heaven

Had an amazing walk this morning. Not only am I feeling invigorated, but I improved on my time and distance, which is the current competition I am running against myself. Tonight we are going to see a Pink Floyd cover (Which One’s Pink), that my husband and I both really love. Taking this walk was not only good for my soul, but good for my body as well. It will help me feel better tonight.

While on my walk, I greeted everyone (the animals) with my customary “hey buddy”, which I believe is most appropriate for a male or a female. Once I know for sure what they are, they will get a more tailored greeting like “hey handsome” or “pretty girl”. Let’s be honest here, there are only two genders and I don’t care if you want to act like a handsome boy or a pretty girl; animal or human.

Today I actually made a new friend, a beautiful brown horse with a white nose. Since I didn’t see any obvious signs, I did refer to her as a pretty girl because she was just that, pretty. The thing is, with a horse, I am not sure how to respond to them. My instinct is to let them smell me, and then gently touch their nose; however, I don’t know this horse, or her humans. I called hello to her as I was walking and she started coming over to the fence. So, I paused my walk program, and walked over to her. I was surprised that she came right over. I let her smell my hand and she “side-eyed” me and that was it. I wanted to stay there a little longer, but I don’t know the proper etiquette as a stranger saying hello to someone’s horse and I really didn’t want to get into any trouble. I’m going to have to ask my neighbor for some on advice on proper etiquette.

I’m finding that taking my walks at least five out of seven days is really starting to help me; physically and mentally. My mind tends to wander no matter what I am doing; however, the music helps me stay focused on my stride. I get side tracked by my “friends” when I walk but they do add to the overall experience. I come home feeling as though I have accomplished something, and that makes me feel alive and restored. It lifts my mood, brings me out of my usual funk.

My mood has been depressed lately and I did start walking again to help my health issues and perk up my gloomy brain. Now that my mom has been gone for five months, I thought that feeling of wanting to call her to tell her something, would have slowly tapered off but it hasn’t. In fact, with each urge to pick up the phone I started realizing that I shared everything with her. I still asked for her advice on beauty, parenting, aging, Netflix. We talked about old days and current times; she was a best friend to me. When I realized I had no one to turn to, I felt incredibly isolated. I have lost contact with my actual “friends”. It’s just me and my girl Maddie.

It is so easy to fall back into that sadness that feels as though it will swallow you whole. Peaking out from a crack in the floor at your life while you swim in the abyss. I don’t want to go back there. That is one of the reasons why my “walks” have become so important to me. I tend to change from day to day, I have not settled yet into a good place or a bad place. I visit them both, often.

The good thing is, today I am in a good place. I realize that my mom is with me on my walks. She is in that horse that trotted over to greet me, the bird that rested on the bridle fence as I walked by, she is the reason I sang along out loud to a few songs this morning on my walk, not caring if anyone heard me. She is with me. I expect good things for the rest of the day, because I started it off right. One foot in front of the other …

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