Tech Detour

It’s time to take a vacation. Doesn’t that sound good? I know I am not able to “go” anywhere right now, too many small trips coming up before summer. Of course, that isn’t what I was thinking anyway. My brain is getting a bit mushy these days. Not just from social media, but from games and the constant need for entertainment. When you are sitting watching television and as soon as a commercial comes on you grab your phone so that those 2 minutes will be filled with something you feel you need, then you know you have a problem! Instagram, FB, Twitter, News, YouTube and it just goes on and on. That is a pretty sad picture, isn’t it?

Although I’m not on Twitter and barely on FB, I do love me some cute animal videos and some of the stuff my husband and kids send me on Instagram, well, I love the fun stuff. However, it’s time to take a break from tech, at least for one week. I believe everyone needs to recharge every once in a while. Get outside, read instead of listen, talk instead of text. Obviously, we all need our phones, at least we all believe we do and some of us truly do need them for business, etc. My plan is to remove the apps from my phone for a week and just use my phone as a phone. Think I can do it? Or will that cute little bird or butterfly in the backyard make me break and take a picture?

It used to be television that warped our brains, now it is technology as a whole doing it. Did you know that the heads of FB and Twitter severely regulate their children’s use of computers? I doubt any of them have their own iPads. Did you know that Bill Gates children didn’t have a personal smartphone and only used a computer in the kitchen? They know what it does to our intelligence. It brings it down, way down. So get out of the rabbit hole with me for a week or even 5 days. Want to try?

I know this is going to be tough because I have been entertaining myself nonstop with YouTube lately. However, I am figuring the payoff will be very valuable. How can be it not be, I will interact with people more, listen to more music, write more, read more and hopefully change some habits that could use some tweaking. This sounds like a win-win.

This is going to apply to my computer as well; however, it will be done in a different way. I will use my computer to check my emails and to write and limit myself to once a day for no more than 30 minutes. I think this might just work.

As things heat back up in politics around the world, I believe now is the perfect time for this break. Yoga and meditation are truly needed right now to balance me out. I’ve been getting much better at meditating and handling some of the yoga poses. I am really looking forward to working on the poses this week and maybe even learning some new ones.

I will check back in with you in one week and let you know how I did. In the meantime, be good to each other and try to smile at a stranger everyday. You would be surprised at how much joy a simple smile can generate.

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