Woke Up In A Bad Mood

First time in a long time, I woke up in a very bad mood. I made the mistake last night of watching a news program. I am still pretty angry at all of the problems facing this country in just one year of bad management. However, it is not just bad management by this President and his “administration”, it is the complete complacency and lack of reporting of news by the media at large. It appears as if this breakdown within our communities, our schools, our families lives and the wide range of careers and business ownership, is not accidental, it appears purposeful.

Watching Jen Psaki spin the President’s low ratings or the “successes” from his Build Back Broker policies; makes me want to heave. She is not witty or humorous with her snide remarks. I don’t appreciate her giggling at the crime that is affecting all of the cities and towns, mostly in blue states. She is a bold faced liar and those of us who actually know what news is breaking in our communities and abroad know that. Those “journalists” in the briefing room each day, most of them know it as well. The elitists, have no clue what it’s like to fill up their car and realize that the extra money is coming out of their food budgets. They have no idea what most Americans do in a given day. What we worry about. That is a huge problem because this administrations is governing for the elitist, not the common man.

Shout out to NPR who has proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they are fully carrying water for the far left. It was an interesting article they wrote in regards to the thumbs up emoji; its good to see that hard hitting journalism is still alive. With all the Russia coverage that we had for four years, it would be nice if the media would look into real problems, like Joe & Hunter Biden’s ties to China. The entire Biden family has been in bed with China, along with John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for years. Why not report on ACTUAL news the same way you did with the fake news that you all salivated over for four years.

Here are a number of issues that truly have me worried in no particular order:

  • China
  • Southern border crisis has NEVER been this out of control due to the left’s petty dislike for Trump’s successful policies along the border
  • Inflation – caused by his constant spending
  • Failed Afghanistan withdrawal
  • Allowing perpetrators of the summer riots to be forgiven as January 6th rioters are suffering overly harsh conditions and punishments. Everyone who rioted and caused destruction and/or death (which the summer riots did cause deaths) should be treated equally within the law.
  • Removed US’s ability to be energy independent
  • Energy gift to Russia which destabilized Ukraine
  • Possible war on Ukraine and all the innocents
  • Presenting weakness to world leaders

Now, I know there’s more, but when I get angry, my mouth works faster than my brain. Not in the mood to check my babbling as usual, so please forgive my errors. Ha!

I need to go back to watching serial killer shows, cooking and even the ghost/alien programs on the Travel channel. Any one of those would be better than the news. Well, I decided to get it out of my system, so I wrote about it. I have some solutions, but basically if we revert back to what was working before Biden it would solve almost all of our issues. One and a half years ago, there may have been mean tweets, but there were no wars, no inflation, in fact paychecks went up, stocks went up. People were happy (except Democrats).

I would love to see everyone act like grown ups and work this out together. Hate for a person can poison everything you do; not just in your personal life, look what it did to the Democrats and the news media and late night aren’t funny. These people turned bitter, like petulant children, stomping there feet because someone was mean to them or didn’t do what they wanted. As a nation, we are better than that. As people, we are better than that. Maybe we should have a “take a leftie to lunch day” and let them know we care, but enough is enough. It is time to act like an adult not a spoiled child, or Hollywood elitist. What do you say? I know a couple of lefties that might enjoy eating with a common person; it would do them good.

Love the common folks.

4 thoughts on “Woke Up In A Bad Mood

      1. I was really good. I took a break the day after the ’20 election. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t do anything until the election last november. Since, I’ve gotten sucked in a bit, but Im really just waiting to hear the news that either Manchin, Sinema or both switch parties.

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