Remember the Good Old Days?

I was sitting enjoying my coffee this morning, looking out onto our back yard as I do most mornings, and realized how things have changed. Not just due to Covid, but due to time passing, technology advancing, etc. I will be attending my mom’s partner’s memorial via Zoom this morning. Now, his memorial is being held where they lived in Newport Beach and I am not very far from there; however, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not able to be there in person. When one of his daughters told me I would be able to attend via Zoom, I was thrilled.

Now, I did attend my cousin’s funeral over a year ago via webcam, but in that case the need for technology was due to Covid. Most of the family could not be in attendance as this was at the height of the virus. I think it helped a lot of people be able to go on with their lives while not being allowed to go on with their lives, if that makes sense. It would have killed us not to be together in some form, mourning such a loss. We lost three cousins during this time and it has been crushing to us all. My niece got married via Zoom last year in Florida and all the family was there (via Zoom), even his family from England. This year is the reception where we will all gather together in person. Life goes on as it should.

This is a great advancement in technology for bringing people together and not just for office meetings. During the shutdown, some people got very creative and held virtual happy hours with friends and family, watch parties for tv shows and even medical appointments became virtual in some instances. It wasn’t just for grandma’s to reach out to their out of state grandkids anymore. It is pretty Jetson-esque. Now all we need are those flying cars, which you know have been in the works for years!

Anyway, it’s pretty special that I am able to watch this memorial today. A group of loved ones on a boat in the harbor and more watching from their homes, the playing of taps and presenting of the US flag. Now they are sailing out to release his ashes to the sea. I am wearing one of my mom’s hairpins hoping she would join me in watching Roz’s farewell. Really grateful to be here.

Rest in Peace Roz, you are free.

Peace out.

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