It’s a Good Day

I haven’t been able to say that for a while, so I figured today was a good day to say hello again. Life is spinning faster than I can keep up these days; except this morning I woke up feeling, well, good. I went to have my eyebrows tattooed yesterday and as crazy as it sounds, whenever I go to see Val, I feel like she helps me clear out the cobwebs. It is as if I visited with an amazing friend, psychiatrist and a pure soul that gives me much needed guidance. I have been seeing her since my breast cancer in 2007 so we do have a history. She is someone I connected with immediately and I forgot how much I needed a friend like that in my life.

Since it is a good day I am going to do some things I have been putting off. I need to organize some things I have from my mother, and my father for that matter, as well as cleaning out my monster of a closet. Although l live where there isn’t really a change of seasons; I do like to shift my summer clothes with my winter clothes and get rid of things that haven’t been worn in at least a year. I usually feel this need to declutter two to three times a year, sometimes more. It makes me feel better.

My mother’s service is over, everyone has gone back to their lives and their day to day routines. I am so very grateful that part is over. I am hoping that now I can think logically about things, and not emotionally. That has been difficult to deal with. Missing people who have journeyed on from this world is difficult for me. During this process I struck out at family and became insensitive to their struggles and pain. Val helped me realize that I need to let old go of old pain and forgive family who have hurt me. If I don’t let it go, it will continue to disrupt my life and those who tend to push my buttons. The negative energy affects everything and everyone around us. So, the only logical thing to do is get rid of it!

I will let you know how my journey progresses. I would tell you to get outside and enjoy the day; however, here, it is raining. So, if you have sunshine out today, go take advantage of it. It is amazing how 20 minutes outdoors will recharge you. Whatever you do, get out there and put out some positive energy today.

Peace out.


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