Vaccine? Mask? WTH!

As someone with a compromised immune system due to Lupus, I am vaccinated. I held out as long as I could. I wasn’t sure I wanted the vaccine. I wasn’t sure if it was safe or if I would find out in two years that it gave me Graves disease or cancer. I do not believe any of the conspiracy theories we have all read regarding this vaccine. I believe President Donald Trump did everything he could to bring a vaccine to fruition as safely and quickly as possible and he succeeded. I still did not want it. I understand why some people might be leery of getting the vaccine.

However, being told that I now have to wear a mask again indoors? I don’t think so. That does not “follow the science” that Democrats love to squawk about. The report from India was in reference to a a vaccination (available in India and illegal in the US) which showed failure to protect the vaccinated patients in regard to the Delta variance. There is no connection to the US, our vaccinations, or our current rates of infection.

I have never seen our government use a health issue to try and control the people of this nation. I am very disturbed and you should be too. Our government is mandating masks for everyone, including vaccinated persons and yet allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flow through our borders, bus and fly them within our country and they have not even been tested and are not being tracked. Explain that to me. This is a sham.

This is all I’m going to say about this subject. I do believe people should get vaccinated; however, it is their “choice” and they should not be bullied or forced into that decision. If you pay attention to everything that is going on around you in the past six months of this administration, take notice of the destruction that is coming our way. The killing of our energy independence, while allowing Russia to have their pipeline. The complete failure of the border due to Biden’s dislike of the previous president. It’s inhumane to the people making the trek, the women and children who are being abused. The spreading of disease throughout our country without any conscience. The absolute reckless spending that is bringing an economic crisis for everyday Americans. Biden’s policies wont hurt the 1%, hell, he and his friends ARE the 1%. Our gas prices haven’t been this high since Biden was in office 5 years ago.

We all need to stand up for ourselves and stop this administration from completely ruining this country; make no mistake, that is exactly what they are doing.

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