Slow Day

I don’t know about you, but a slow day around here means just that. I’m moving slow, things are getting done at a snail’s pace and I have learned to be okay with that. If I am able to tick two things off of my list, I’m thrilled. Now, it took me a while to get to this point and a lot of practice, self love and understanding. I truly had to learn how to forgive myself for not being like everyone else. I’m not like everyone else and neither are you. I tried holding myself up to a higher standard, that of my grandmother Mary. She, God rest her soul, is always on my mind, but especially when I’m cleaning. I look back on a job completed, knowing she would be shaking her head, “Susie, you missed that whole section there”, I could hear her saying to me. However, I know that she is always smiling at what I try to do.

You have to get past those feelings of “not good enough”, “so and so would never have done it this way” or “go back and make it perfect”. Those thoughts and feelings will do nothing for you or your home, children, family, etc. They will only serve to make you feel inadequate; so STOP IT!

Now I’m not saying stop cleaning or stop trying; but, I am saying stop putting yourself down and being so hard on the things you do. Due to physical issues, I really am limited to what I can accomplish during a day and I have decided that if there is a “chore” I need to get done, if it isn’t done by 11:00 am, I will push it to the next day. It’s not worth killing myself over it (a tad dramatic, I know), and it isn’t worth making me feel bad. I will get to it and I know it because I have a lot of pride in my surroundings and would never allow my family to live in anything but a clean, well kept home. It may not sparkle, but it is clean.

So, let’s see, what did I accomplish today from my list? Threw some clothes in the wash, scheduled an appointment for the dog, and one for myself and went to CVS to pick up some toothpaste. Pretty ambitious if you ask me. I realize for some of you this is nothing; but for me it is a big accomplishment for the day; and when my husband comes home he will greet me with a smile and a hug and that is all that matters.

Peace out.

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