Fact Checking Biden?

Let’s be serious; no one is fact checking this man. Why should they, everyone seems to be shielding him and carrying his water.

The press conference succeeding the summit was very interesting; beside the fact that our President would not hold a join presser with Vladimir Putin, his staff chose the questions from the press pool prior to the event. This gave his staff the ability to supply Mr. Biden with the answers they wanted. We all know, and saw, what happens when Joe gets asked a question he was not expecting. He gets flustered, annoyed and he rails back at the person asking the question. If Trump had treated that reporter the way Biden did, we would be hearing about how sexist he was and the way he spoke to her was disrespectful. Amazing. Also, by having separate venues, Biden did not have to stay and answer questions for very long, Putin lasted twice as long as Biden and Biden looked beat up afterward. The man has zero staying power.

The one thing that really angered me was whenMr. Biden said that white supremacists murdered a capitol officer on January 6th. LIE. The capitol officer who died, did so at his home days after the melee at the capitol and it was due to an anyeurism. The ONLY person who died during that protest was an unarmed woman who was shot by capitol police. You don’t hear about her, because she doesn’t fit the image the left wants you to have of January 6. Biden has a habit of lying and repeating the lie as often as possible; remember Charlottesville? Yes, Trump did not call the white supremacists good people and that has been debunked numerous times; but Biden repeated it so many times during his candidacy I believe he was hoping you would all buy into it too. American who died in wars are suckers and losers; yep, not true, but Biden repeated it over and over again.

I won’t even get into the pipeline gift that Biden gave to Putin before the two even met. Biden is not tough with Putin; however, our media made it out to be the “Maverick” Biden to meet head to head with Villian Vladimir. Ooooohhh, I’m sure Putin was shaking in his boots. Biden makes the fifth US President that Putin has met and I highly doubt this one with Old Joe was very memorable.

Joe Biden shared with the audience that in being tough with Putin he GAVE him a list of locations, site, etc. that Russia is NOT to hack?!?! Is he crazy? The old man is a walking national security risk. Let’s hope Putin only hits the sites that are not on Biden’s list. WTF!

I could go on and on; but truly, this administration is so f’ed up it will ruin my day to dwell on what is really going on in the WH. It’s pretty frightening.

Would somebody please fact check this old lying bastard? Will we ever get real journalists back? It’s like a government run media, all positive Biden news, all the time. State run media; we are in competition with being just like China, not beating them in the world arena. Don’t you see that?

Okay, there is my little rant for the day, disjointed and all. Sorry, had to get it out so that I could move on.

I did have one positive takeaway from the Geneva summit; Switzerland is beautiful and I would love to visit!

Peace out!

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