America’s Puppet in Chief

Very interesting press conferences; US starts off on the wrong foot; by not having a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, our president appears weak. This allowed Putin to put on a pure propaganda session. Biden is showing how he is unable to handle himself in the form of an open press conference with an adversary. His entire administration is worried that Joe will embarrass himself, the party and them; so they limit his ability to answer free rein questions. Instead, all we get is a speech from Biden about how tough he was on Putin and Russia as a whole. I don’t believe one word he said and if your being honest, you don’t either. As actions go, Biden gave Putin quite the gift with the Nord Stream pipeline in preparation for the summit.

Our media are carrying water for the left and the entire Biden family; it really is sad for America. It’s always been known/obvious that media was left leaning, but now, they are all in. They are no longer journalists. You do not know what is really going on and who is doing what. You do know that our president is a puppet, and our vice president has no clue what she is doing. The media does NOT CARE that the President’s son profited from China and Ukraine by using the status of his father and the office of VP; or his use and abuse of an illegal weapon and blaming a couple of Hispanic man instead saying they were probably illegal, his laptop and the treasure trove of illegal activity that has been found to be on it, and just recently his blatant use of the “n” word in a number of his emails. This, to me, is showing the worst of the worst of America’s media, pundits, and liars in our government. To ignore all of these issues is inconceivable. I don’t care that the media treated Trump the opposite; I’m upset that they don’t treat both parties the same. They were tough on Trump, they lied, they pushed stories they knew were false, but now, they won’t even cover news stories.

The Covid 19 lab leak should have been the biggest story in our nation about a year ago. Instead, media called Trump a liar and conspiracy theorist. They pushed back on anything the Trump administration believed in or said it would do and this led to so many American deaths. Now Biden is going to have the WHO investigate the leak for the second time? This is laughable and I am shocked that our government believes we are stupid enough to believe this will answer any questions. We know what is going on. We saw it months ago.

The changes this administration has made in its first months in office have been to the detriment of the American people, our workers and more. Our borders are wide open and we are nearing one million illegal immigrants who have poured through our borders. The trafficking of drugs, women and children; Biden has enriched the cartels with unknown mounts of power and wealth over these few months. America is not able to fully take care of our own people, we have mass amounts of homeless people, people out of work and the influx of these illegal immigrants is only going to exacerbate that problem. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline killed our becoming energy independent as well as destroying 11,000 jobs and roughly $2 billion in wages. This is only a small shot of what is being done to the American people. As our debt goes up and up by the double digit trillions, watch inflation. We are in for a hell of a ride.

Our media tries to show us one thing, a strong President who is all for the working man and woman. Truth is, Joe is an old man who barely knows where he is from day to day. Obama and Susan Rice are calling the shots and they don’t care one wit about you or me. All they care about is power and money. That is it. I guarantee you, there is zero sincerity in the Biden administration, or in Obama, Rice, etc. Our next discussion needs to be about George Soros and what the left doesn’t wa. Now THAT is where all the trouble is coming from. Do me a favor and read up on Marxism.

Peace out.

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