Still Stuck in the House

This weekend was Memorial weekend; a time to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I have not lost anyone family or friends while they were in the military; however, I have a deep love and respect for what they do for us, that whenever there is a chance to say thank you, I will. So, I could not start today without mentioning those who passed away during their time serving our country.

Besides putting out my flags and dressing up my window boxes with the appropriate red, white and blue, I was somewhat hampered from doing anything this weekend. Still nursing a knee injury from Mother’s Day; now, that sounds like I did something cool, or daring but truth be told, I tripped in my backyard on the concrete pathway that divides our lawn. So, ya, not so cool.

My husband did take me to visit my mom and she always lifts my spirits, so that was great. The rest of the weekend I basically hung out with my husband, who, thank heavens, I really like. I felt as though I kind of got a glimpse into retirement. Well, sort of, Lord knows that reality is never as fun as our daydreams or hopes; however, I really did enjoy each day. He loves to cook, so I had a nice breakfast made every morning, cup of coffee and we sat together at the kitchen table and went over what we planned to do that day. We ran errands, well, I tagged along with him on one or two of his errands because I do not last long when we are out and about. Dinner each night with our son and civil, even enjoyable, conversation. It was easy, relaxing and enjoyable.

Now today everyone is back at their jobs, I’m home with my Maddie and trying to get just a few things ticked off my list today. Make appointments, make guacamole for dinner and nurse this darn knee.

I am really hoping the doctor will get me an MRI so that we can find out if there is a tear in my knee. It’s not a horrible injury, but it is still swollen and it hurts. I can put weight on it, but not for long. It keeps me from doing very much and that is killing me. I want to go out for 20 to 30 minutes in the early morning when it’s still cool out, and walk the neighborhood. I want to pull a few weeds in the front of the house, but bending down or kneeling is out of the question.

Well, looks like today is going to be another day of laying low and over-thinking every little thing I do and eat and watch and read.


Peace out!

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