It sounds good doesn’t it? I find that lately I have stressors coming at me from every angle of my life. People think that a person who does not have a career, who stays at home (in my case due to illness), should be carefree, centered, maybe even overindulging themselves. There might be a lot of people like that; I personally don’t know any. I do know that I somehow never find the time to get things done, or finished, or even started.

I was going to start yoga again, I have tried before and feel as though I’m not doing it right, so I end up stopping after a week; but I had a fall on Mother’s Day that areally hurt my knee and I am still having trouble putting full weight on it. I am going to get it checked out, because walking, getting out has always been my way of clearing my mind and right now my head is so full and I feel as though my nerves are tugging on me, pulling me every which way.

Between hurting myself and still being on steroids, (actually weaning off of them) I am really having a difficult time feeling like myself. There are a lot of things going on within my family that need my attention and sometimes I don’t have it to give. Taking care of myself is a bit of an after thougt most of the time.

I want to get out in my garden, walk throughout the neighborhood, write some poetry or even blog more often. These things are pretty simple if you think about it. Not for me, but for most people.

Tell me how you de-stress, calm yourself after a particularly hectic day. Whether you are a male or a female (sorry, but I wont entertain anything more than the two genders that God created and science has verified), a student, a stay at home parent, a secretary, a lawyer, a teacher; we all share stress. We could all learn from each other; we need to share what we do that clears our minds, that makes us smile and be in the moment.

I love to watch the birds that fly over my home each day. Blackbirds mostly, but I love to watch them fly in formation, sometimes breaking ranks, or breaking away. I’ve always wondered how they decide who leads. I also love to see the smaller birds in our backyard that fly into my carrot wood tree, and disappear up into the bushy branches. I feel as though these are my birds and they come to see me each and every day. Little joys. What are your little joys?

Peace out.

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