First 100 Days? Vision Sounds Like China

Listening to President Biden’s well rehearsed speech last night I noticed how boring and non-uniting he really is. I also realized he couldn’t help but virtue signal throughout the entire evening; every subject. He sold out his country to the Progressives, to the Socialists. If he is able to fulfill some of the “promises” he made in his address last night; it will be irretrievable to get our country back.

I also realized that the left doesn’t understand spending very well. They believe that ALL the wealthy people of the country will be paying for their freebies and yet that is absolutely not true. We are ALL going to be paying for these trillion dollar pipe dreams for generations to come. Jobs will disappear because corporations will either leave the country or just not expand, not add new jobs, sell and get out. Why should they work harder for less? For your college? Get off your ass and work for it like everyone else.

Any word on that border crisis that our President Biden created? Not really. Do you know why? They don’t care. They could care less about the little children being dumped in the desert alone, the women and children who are being trafficked and raped during their trip to the border. If it doesn’t affect the left, they don’t care. They want more voters and they believe this will help turn more states blue. They want a one party rule and working for hard for it. Keep an eye on HR-1, which is another one of the biggest power grabs, along with packing the court.

Anyone who believes in small government, lower taxes and freedoms as written in the constitution; you should be very concerned. Biden ran as a moderate and ran over all of you. Now, he is selling you on the progressive, socialist model and because you are so hell bent that you are always right, you will follow along and dig in your heels yet again.


Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina was in charge of the Republican rebuttal to last nights speech by the President, I hope you watched it. Senator Scott laid out the agenda for conservatives perfectly; trying to counteract all of the lies you hear from the media and liberal pundits. The words he spoke were true, unifying and encompass all people of America not just leftists, progressives and socialists. If you want to know the truth about where our country is, I highly recommend you listen to Tim Scott’s speech. WE THE PEOPLE are America NOT the government.

WE must stand up for ourselves, for our freedoms and for our country.

America is NOT a racist country and we know it. The left has always used identity politics and racism to divide this country. Don’t let them get away with their old tricks.

Peace out!

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