Guilty … Of Course!

Verdict in the Chauvin trial came in yesterday, for those of you living under a rock, and it was, of course, guilty. There was no chance it could have come out any other way. The entire country knew he was guilty, we saw it, there were no questions about what happened.

My only question is, why are people who know better, even our own President, acting as if this is a surprise? We are not a “systemically racist” country, system, people, etc. and they all know it.

Explain to me how Timothy Coffman’s case was completely ignored by the media, by the country? It didn’t fit an agenda. If it had been a black man things would have been different, and that is the sad truth. That is where our country is at today. Divide by race, that is the agenda from the left and people like George, Daunte, Timothy and the rest don’t matter.

I was disgusted at Nancy Pelosi’s comment that George Floyd sacrificed his life for justice. What? Really? Thank you for dyeing George, because it furthered our agenda about racism. Really? This was never shown to be a racist incident, neither was the Daunte Wright shooting. Now Daunte’s family will sue and end up with 20 some odd million dollars and he will go on as a martyr for the cause. He died, his family will not be happy with the money, or the fact that he will live on as a martyr. At least they shouldn’t be. There is no cause in these cases. There are cases where racism IS the reason but yet we don’t know about them because the media and the left have decided anything between a cop and a person of color is racist. The biggest danger to people of color is people of color. The biggest danger to white people is white people. Crime in neighborhoods are the biggest threat to life.

We need to call out ALL BAD COPS; however, we also need to tell people to STOP DISOBEYING COPS. You get pulled over, comply. Didn’t your parents teach you to respect authority? No, of course they didn’t because they were taught that all cops were bad. Well, they are NOT. Let’s stop the madness by starting to respect authority again. Tell your children; black, brown, white, yellow, if you comply with authority, your chances of going home safely rise exponentially. If you resist, try to run, carry a weapon, point that weapon at someone, you may become the next martyr for Pelosi’s agenda.

Justice was served to Officer Chauvin and he now has to pay the price for his actions. That is justice, that is our system and our system works. God bless America.

Let me end this by saying I believe in racial harmony. I believe it is possible. We need to stop listening to those who try to divide us based on our skin color. God made each and every one of us in His image. He is all of us and we are all part of Him. We need to remember that and love one another for who we are and rejoice in our differences.

Peace to you all!


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