Black – White Brainwashing

I am very saddened and angry at the treatment of white and black people as pawns in the tug of war for power. That’s what this is as I see it. Duane Wright’s death was a horrible mistake by a police officer; however, I truly do not believe that the female officer wanted to shoot a young man that day. Black or white, killing someone (yes, even to an officer) is a horrifying experience. The immediate blaming of police brutality and racism by the mayor and the press is the bigger problem in this country right now.

Why are there are NO authorities loudly and repeatedly calling out these thuggish (yes, thuggish) idiots to stop looting and burning buildings and businesses in their cities? This should not be the new way to “protest”. Looting at the local store is not your right if you feel the need to protest something. The grown ups need to retake this country and return us to some semblance of order. What happened to due process? The damn media needs to stop giving their constant OPINIONS and inciting people.

I have to say that since the leaders and media push so hard to vilify the police instead of backing them up, it’s no surprise that this is what our society has become. Our media glorifies the unrest, promotes it by showing it for hours on end and calling in peaceful. The amount of coverage these situations receive is disproportionate to actual crime in this country. No wonder people think we have non stop, wall to wall racist crime between blacks and whites in this country. That is all the media shows you. Don’t get me wrong; there are bad people in every walk of life and policing is one of the most dangerous. That has to stop and I believe that there are procedures in place to so just that. I would imagine police reform is badly needed; however, Tim Scott’s proposal was not even listened to by the Senate when brought up a couple of years ago. Tim Scott needs to reintroduce it and the liberals need to LISTEN and give him the respect he deserves; instead of being called a “token” by the Senators on the left side of the aisle.

In my opinion, the media, the progressives and yes, liberals are always in there too, especially when it comes to identity politics; are trying to divide us. All of us. We can not let them. If there is a racist situation against someone and you need my help, I will be by your side and I will help you fight it with all I have. BUT, the feigned shock and horror that politics uses disguised as racism, count me out.

Remember, those politicians and news people don’t give a damn about you. They act outraged and cry for you when the cameras are on, then go back to their cushy homes, privately educated children, dinner parties, perfect families (with their armed security) and close the gates to the outside world and let you fend for yourself.

Peace out people.

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