Stomp out “Woke” Culture

I’m grateful that I have a strong faith in God. That faith carries me through some craziness in my life and it definitely helps me stay grounded with the current political craziness we are seeing today. I heard somewhere that “Woke” is the new “Racism” and I have to say I agree. We all need to push back, things have gone too far. People have no right to silence others because they disagree with them. There are social justice warriors fighting for a cause, but they are actually being misled and dealing with FALSE information.

I must say I was shocked that POTUS actually lied to the American people, causing a tidal wave of ill will for Georgia and it’s people. Our President, using FALSE information, urged people to cancel a state with a largely black population, that is trying to financially recover from the pandemic. Good job Joe.

Social justice warriors, put down your weapons. You are not in a fight for civil rights, voting rights, or any of the other bullshit the media is feeding you. They are all in lock step and lying to twist the narrative to a calculated agenda. Do not allow yourselves to be used for a course of action that will put you at the bottom of the heap while enriching the lives of those already in control and those with all of the wealth.

I am asking for people to stop fighting and start looking at history, and be honest about things around you without spouting off talking points. In fact, turn the damn news off. Stop calling people out for their opinions. If you don’t agree, then walk away. Remember when people could discuss their opinions without being offended or feeling ‘”hate”? Don’t shout down someone else’s thoughts or try to get a person fired or kicked off of a social media platform, that makes you a fascist and a huge part of the problem.

This world is in chaos not because of us, or civil rights, women’s rights, racism, homophobia or whatever else you need to add to the mix; it’s because there is a struggle for power right now in our government. There is a push for big government and that leads to socialism. Nothing is free. It is up to us to hold our representatives accountable and have them do the right thing for the people. So do some research and find out what your city/state/country needs to do for you and your neighbors and loved ones.

We are all one people under God. We need to start acting like it again.

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