Who IS Behind The Curtain?

Watching the “press conference” with “President” Biden and was really shocked that all of those journalists allowed this man to lie repeatedly to the American people. The border issue alone is shameful and it is HIS fault; yet, the journalists who are supposed to be on the side of the public. Are there any legitimate journalists left? Call him out. Someone, please!

This is a quick post because I am so utterly embarassed and disgusted by what our media is doing. The rest of the world sees the lies and see the reality and knows they don’t match. We look like idiots.

Who is behind the curtain is meant to ask who is actually calling the shots in this administration? It sure as hell isn’t Biden; he is a puppet. Is it Obama (which is what I believe)? Is it Corporations? Is it Technology? We are being sold a bill of goods and we don’t even know who the salesman is.

This country has gone to shit and I don’t know if we can hang on for two years. This administration is ruining the moral fiber of the constitution and the long standing traditions of our great country, all in the name of “social justice”.

Peace out … I am just disgusted.

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