Everything Is Racist?

I got up this morning and showered, put on some jeans and my “Love Everybody” T-shirt. Yes, I’m conservative (not Republican), and yes, we have a heart and most of us DO “love everybody”.

I don’t go to the grocery store and notice how many people of different ethnicities I run across in any visit. I don’t shy away from a person because they are wearing a hijab, turbin, kufi or yamaka. I also don’t make assumptions based on someone’s dress, or skin color, or cultural appearance. Do you?

The press is making it seem as though we live in a systemically racist world. We don’t. Trump was not racist. The left has used the term “racist” anytime they wanted to demonize someone. The word itself has lost its meaning.

Although I do not believe in the left’s pushing the idea that the US is systemically racist, I do believe racism exists. I just do not believe that every incident between two people of different cultures is based in racism. The press wants you to believe it is.

Listen, I love living in the United States. We treat our people better than any country on this planet. We can not allow the nay sayers to try and brainwash Americans. We are good people. Caring people. We have proved it over and over again. The incidents of racism are foul and not wanted by anyone. We must stamp it out when we witness it and most of us will.

White supremacists? They are disgusting human beings who do not deserve to share the same air as the rest of us. My only comment about WS is that they are NOT as large of a threat as ANTIFA (who are world-wide) and BLM. The violence of the left is outrageous and needs to be called out. Until it is, their fear mongering is just that.

I was raised to love everyone. I wont say “color blind” but I will say I don’t see people as groups; I see them as individuals, with different thoughts, feelings, likes, dislike, traditions, etc. That is the way it should be. We need to drop the labels and let people be who they were meant to be.

Peace out, be good humans.

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