How Can I NOT Comment

The State of our Union is f*cked!

Not even sure where to start; $1.9 trillion Covid “Relief” package or the revolving door at our border, which this administration is unable to be honest about.

The border. Apparently, Biden had his senior staff go to the border in person so that they could surmise the issues that are currently taking place. No cameras, no reporters and no feedback from the staff in attendance. Although the administration refuses to call this a crisis; the number of illegal border crossings are now 6 times great than what the Obama administration considered a “crisis”. There are currently 2600 unaccompanied children in a facility with a maximum limit of 700 people.

Should we mention catch and release being reinstituted. For those of you who don’t know, this was the procedure the Obama administration favored; an illegal comes in, you take their information and release them into the United States. They are given bus tickets so they may go anywhere they want in the US. If they are Covid 19 positive, they are told they must use hand gel, social distance and wear masks (before they get on the bus to who knows where). These people are asked to come back when they get a court date, which could he years from now; also, most of them can’t be reached to notify them of a court date. Wonder when the next amnesty bill will come into play, so all these people can skip the line and become citizens. If you think Hispanic Americans support this, think again. They worked hard to legally come to the United States, they find the lack of border security and lack of respect for the rule of law is a slap in their faces.

Now, with all the new illegal immigrants entering the US, during a pandemic and during an unemployment crisis; legal citizens will now have to complete against illegals for available jobs. How does this help our economy?

Biden is so hell bent on putting Trump down that he is dismantling a border security plan that was WORKING! He should swallow his pride and allow the border wall to be completed. Hell, it’s already paid for and people could use the work. He should have left the deal with Mexico in tact. He is purposefully killing this economy with his dangerous, partisan decisions.

All I can say is, let’s pray that in two years, these idiots who are ruining our country are replaced and stopped from doing anymore damage. I am seriously afraid of what we will have left that will resemble the land of the free and home of the brave. Right now it’s the land of the pc culture gone overboard and the home of the Soros followers. God help us.

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