What To Chat About Today?

So many things going on; the cancellation of Dr. Seuss, airstrikes on Syria, Illegal immigrants who test positive being let in to the US to go on their merry way. So many things, but I am a bit taxed by talking about Biden and his incompetent administration. It really is a downer. We went from riding high as a country, to tumbling back down where Obama left us crumpled in a heap on the floor like an intern’s dress spotted with his DNA.

So, today I am going to talk about my issue with CVS. Now, I order all my medications from the CVS down the street because they are so close and convenient for me. I take a lot of medications and feel as though I know the staff within the store and the pharmacy very well. All very nice and professional, sometimes we joke around too. Anyway, I decided to place an order for some items in the store for delivery (I usually only do this for prescriptions) because I haven’t been feeling great lately.

Yesterday I was alerted that my order was delivered. I checked all around my house and did not find anything. So I checked the notification again and it turned out it was delivered to my address from 4 years ago. Now this happened about a year ago and I did not get my order (pharmacy) and was assured that the address was corrected in the system. WELL, apparently, the address was only corrected in the pharmacy portion and not the store portion.

I complained last night and was hoping to come to some sort of agreement; however, I am being told that there is nothing they can do for me. They are unable to ship it to my current home address or refund me the money from my purchase. I don’t know about you, but, I don’t have $75.00 to waste.

How in the hell is a large corporation like CVS unable to spend the money to reimburse a loyal customer? You can’t tell me they were harmed by Covid/Wuhan; they probably made a killing off the virus while the rest of us are losing money and suffering in our homes. I am so disgusted right now. All I can say is, Walgreens has a new customer.

Peace out.

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