Has This Happened to You?

As I sit on hold with a company that is trying to fix an issue I have; I wondered, how many people have this scam pulled on them?

Here is my problem; I received a “book” from one of the magazines I subscribe to. I did not request this book, it was just shipped to me. The cost of the book, if I wanted to keep it, was $32.95. I did not want this book. I returned the book within the next two days of receiving it. I have the tracking number for the USPS Priority 2- day mail.

Now, the shipping was only $13.50; however, it is the point that I did not want this in the first place. So I am waiting on line for someone to discuss refunding my $13.50.

The nice woman who initially answered the call was very pleasant and wanted to assist me; however, she had no idea how to. So now I’ve been on hold for about 20 minutes listening to Japanese flute music. Pretty music and it is keeping me calm, but come on!

This seems like quite the scam to me. They send you the book, most people, probably just purchase the book because they don’t want to hassle going to the post office to return it.

I have to say, after speaking with a supervisor, the issue was taken care of to my satisfaction. I am really bothered though that I have taken a lot of time out of my day to ship this stupid thing, and then wait on line for a refund! Too much.

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