It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, no one out there really cares; but, that’s all right I’m a bored woman with a keyboard and I’m going to use it. Honestly, I have been away due to illness (not Covid related) and not disgust.

I haven’t seen any looting, fires, destruction of property, except for Oregeon, and that was ANTIFA; they hate everyone. Democrats are trotting along, adoring their President and demonizing, weaponizing everything against all conservatives. It’s absolutely amazing to watch. Cancel culture has moved into canceling people; just cancel them if they don’t believe the same thing as we do.

The media is so excited, they can officially start their vacations! As long as they continue with their fluff coverage of Biden and his chosen ones, they are safe. If you watched the coverage of the inauguration (which I did not), the clips of our media and their worship of this man was so over the top it was laughable. What did we expect after watching them over the past year’s (scripted) interviews with Biden. Guess our President will handle that little problem with Hunter. Trust him, he’s good old Joe. Come on man!

In the meantime, we need a place to gather. Parler was a great spot and I am still hopeful that it will return. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. I’m not talking about the crazy right wingers. I want none of that. I’m talking about people who honor and revere our constitution and it’s meaning. People who feel forgotten by the elites of New York and California. Those who mock us for being average people, with regular jobs and live happily in our suburbs or throughout rural America. They have no clue how wonderful our lives can be; no backbiting, or obsessive need to be “woke” to everything Twitter deems “pc”. Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper are two of the worst. Just tune them out; all of them.

My prediction is that the next four years are going to go by slowly; and this is fifty seven years of wisdom talking here! All we can do at this point, is to hang on, don’t lose hope and keep your convictions strong. Fight against what you feel is wrong, what you know is corrupt. We are on our own. The Republicans don’t speak for us, we have to speak for ourselves in a peaceful manner and within the confines of our laws, as we always have.

Oh ya, and Happy belated Birthday to me! I was sick on that day, but my family still made it special. ❤

Stay strong. Peace.

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