You Know Who I Blame?

First of all, I blame the people who stormed our capitol. Absolutely NOT how we handle things. We have always been the party of law and order and the actions of those few hoodlums is squarely on their shoulders.

Second, I blame the media. Yes, you heard me, the media. Here are my reasons:

  • Four years of Russia hoax
  • Five years of attacking the President and his supporters
  • Calling conservatives derogatory name
  • Five years of NOT reporting real stories
  • Five years of media and big tech censoring conservative voices
  • NEVER condemning BLM and ANTIFA for their violence, destruction and even murder, not the media, not Democrats, not Biden, not Harrison, in fact they posted bail for these people
  • Ignoring the rioting as peaceful protests as businesses burned in the background
  • Hiding all valid stories having to do with the Biden family
  • Never doing any research into the actual valid discrepancies from this years election
  • The past five years we all had no where to get facts from? It wasn’t the media, journalists et al

We should have all seen this coming. What did anyone expect? That conservatives were just going to be punched, pushed down, stifled and made fun of? Then called conspiracy theorists after the biggest conspiracy theory was the media and Russia?

Trump screwed up. He had a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Peace in the Middle East, the border wall, the highest stocks on record, the best employment numbers for all ethnicities, zero wars, companies returning to the US, buy American, rolling out the vaccine in record time and on and on. Now, no one will remember anything but this last horrendous action. Sad. I’m sad for those who peacefully protested, I’m sad for those who were injured and the woman who was killed, I’m sad for the Representatives that had to shelter in place, I’m sad for all Americans and I am sad for the integrity of this country. I’m not surprised, but I’m sad.

In my opinion, it is time for new parties. The Republicans are no longer the same conservatives we grew up with; the Democrats are definitely not the same bleeding hearts they were either. Either remake both of those parties and add a progressive party (or activist party) and beef up the Independent or Libertarian parties. The two party system is a complete and abject failure.

Do you believe we can we move on from here? I think we can; HOWEVER, the media needs to own their part in all of this, instead of blaming Trump as they have done for the past five years. Personally, I do not see that happening, they are too self important to admit their bloody hands are deep into this.

Peace, out.

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