Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya …

Goodbye 2020! I doubt many of you are feeling nostalgic about this past year; however, if you are, SNAP OUT OF IT! I do not have one good thing to say about this past year and that is just how it is. There is nothing I can do about it, except kiss it goodbye and pray that 2021 doesn’t try to compete with its predecessor.

I have zero plans for New Year’s Eve, I have no champagne, no fireworks (we only use those when we are in the desert), no Zoom party, no fancy food or desserts, no balloons, nothing. 2020 didn’t earn it and doesn’t deserve a send off.

What are my hopes for 2021? I am praying for continued peace throughout the world. My hope is that the peace that Trump started in the Middle East continues to grow and solidify. I hope our soldiers are brought home by whomever is leading this country. I pray that the swamp feels that it dodged a bullet and stops all of it’s shady business dealings behind the guise of working for the people. I doubt that one, but I can hope.

I hope that we the people, stop listening to the media completely and wake up. We know what to do, how to treat each other, how to help each other; we need to realize we have had the answers all along and that government, power and greed are the true evils of our time. The US is a mess right now and there is so much that needs to be repaired, I don’t have a lot of hope for that to happen anytime soon.

I am hoping that the virus runs its course and takes down some governors on its way out. I am hoping that business owners who lost all they had due to the lack of economic understanding and mismanagement of liberal leaders will receive the much needed assistance they deserve. I am hoping that our economy booms again, and the employment rates along with it.

I want to see comedy shows being funny again; instead of worrying about being “woke” or “pc”.

I want to go to the movies

I want to go out to dinner

I want to go to a concert

I want to be with friends

I want to be with family

I want to be happy without having to work at it

I want to see the end of labels, you are not your race

I want to be me

I want to be a better me

I want you to be a better you too

I want us to simply be us

Here’s to hopes and dreams, love, understanding and compassion!


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