I Really Wanted to Work Out

What is it about good intentions? After days of baking and making all sorts of Christmas time goodies, and nibbling every step of the way, I thought I needed to do something. You know that feeling when your clothes are tight but your thighs aren’t?

So I figured this morning I would at least go for a walk or do yoga, or another tape that isn’t too difficult for someone like me. Let’s face it, with my Lupus and neuropathy, you won’t catch me doing any free weights or PX whatever.

I get up, take care of Maddie, open the blinds, put our flag out and then get myself a cup of coffee. By this time, my son is making his breakfast and we usually chat for a little while before I head to the shower. I treasure this time because my son keeps me from being TOO tragically unhip. Granted, I have a bad mouth and am proud of being dorky, but I need to try and keep up with technology and everything else in the world of 20-30 something year olds.

After my cup of coffee though, I was looking at my wood floors and saw Maddie bunnies were everywhere. Sidetracked. I am always sidetracked. My floors look great though. One thing that is really hard on my body is swiffering, cleaning floors and gardening. Two things I don’t do very often any more. Now, I don’t enjoy cleaning floors, so I do it only when I have to.

Needless to say, it ruined my day and I ended up down for the rest of the day. No television or phone, I quit social media, so it was basically a day of laying on my bed in the quiet nursing my head and my lower back. It’s tough because these kind of setbacks really depress me. It makes me wonder if this is all I get. I didn’t want to get back up at all. I did get up and I finished addressing cards and prepared the sweet potatoes for some fries for dinner. It’s a small comeback, but a comeback just the same.

So, where do I go from here. Same as every night. I have to try again. I will “plan” on going for a walk or practicing a yoga video. Wish me luck and maybe I can come back here and write something upbeat and fun tomorrow.


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