Are You Feeling That Rumble?

Are you feeling it? It’s the Trump Train. It’s a mountain of evidence rolling toward the Supreme Court. It’s 1776 and we are fighting for our Constitution, our country and our principles.

This is not an exaggeration. Listen and watch the election hearings. I am dumbfounded at the amount of evidence and the blatant disregard from poll workers, legislators, and media. This is an illegitimate election. This is the biggest story of our time! Well, China is a damn close second.

After seeing the crowds that came to support Trump, and then the 15 circles Joe couldn’t fill at his speeches when he finally came out of his basement. Look at the fact that Trump brought in 3 million more votes than he had in 2016. Trump actually picked up more votes in 2020. We all knew he would, because enthusiasm for our President was on track to exceed 2016 totals. Biden, who didn’t even bother to do much more than pre-written Zoom interviews via friendly news organizations, he wouldn’t answer basic questions about the Supreme Court and his intentions, he became angry and visibly flustered when asked anything about China and Hunter and he couldn’t even keep track of where he was, who he was with or even what office he was running for. Then Biden receives 81 million votes, the most in any election in history?! It’s statistically impossible, an absolute joke and it is an obvious affront to the American citizens who expect a free and fair election.

This election is illegitimate. I wouldn’t be happy unless everyone in this damn country votes again. If Biden wins, he wins. However, to accept a Biden win, everyone needs to recast their votes. Only registered absentee ballots should be allowed. No prisoners, no illegal aliens, no underage children, and no dead people! GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK THEIR ABILITY TO CHOOSE! If this election stands with all of the illegality that has been uncovered, then Biden IS indeed illegitimate.

I tried to do this without getting excited and I hope I accomplished that. I am so tired of evil pulling the rug out from under the good. We are the good. We care about others. We care about this country. We care about our freedom. We don’t cover up. We listen. We don’t silence. We don’t hide. We don’t have media, news or tech behind us; in fact they are against us. They are silencing us, blocking us, putting out incorrect information too fool their followers. They are evil. Stay strong. Stay good. Keep fighting!

God Bless America and all of it’s citizens!

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